Day 1 of 600

Welcome to Joel’s Tagalog Daily Servings

Day 1

Warm Up

Watch this Music Video:

Yeng Constantino – Pag-Ibig

Morning Exercises

1) Turn this on: Phineas and Ferb Tagalog

Watch if for a minute or two. If it’s not that interesting or you’ve got other more important matters to attend to, leave the audio on and minimize the windows.

2) Sign up for a SRS Account.

What is SRS you ask? Look hereΒ or Look Here

We’re going to use Surusu. Why? Well, it’s free… πŸ™‚ and it also offers the ability to do MCDs but that’s a topic for another day. Most importantly, Surusu is available on any computer with an internet connection, so that means whether you’re using a Mac, PC, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, whatever else is out there, it’ll work.

Once you’ve got a Welcome/Confirmation Screen, we’re good for today. Easy, right?

Afternoon Exercises

1) Turn this on:

2) Read this inspirational piece by Khatzumoto Sensei (He’s my mentor)

Three Laws of Language Acquisition

3) Visit this site:


Click around, don’t worry about understanding anything. We’re just trying to get your eyeballs used to Tagolog.

Evening Exercises

1) Relax, tomorrow we’ll learn how to get Tagalog podcasts πŸ™‚

Here’s one more commercial and one more music video, if/when you feel like it:


Yeng Constantino – Wag Na MV HD

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