This site is created was created for my friend Joel, who asked if I could help him learn Tagalog. I put it up on WordPress because others may find it useful as well.

I don’t speak Tagalog, nor have I ever encountered it, so what makes me qualified to teach anyone Tagalog? 

This blog is not intended to be taken as a teacher/student relationship, rather, this is a site that encourages the use of techniques I have learned to achieve fluency in other languages. I currently use these techniques in my studies of Japanese and Slovic languages. Please use what you think works in your daily routine and ignore anything that doesn’t. There is no right or wrong way to learn a language. I believe in making language learning fun.

The daily exercises are merely suggestions for learning Tagalog, you can watch, hear or read anything as long as it’s in Tagalog. Some people find that grammar should be the first thing to study when learning a language. While, that works for some, it usually ends up burning out most foreign language learners. That’s why this blog will primarly focus on making sure you come into contact with Tagalog daily and keeping grammar in the background until a much later date.

Remember to pass along any information that you find useful into other activites of your life and share your knowledge with friends and family.


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